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IISOL is a local SEO company that provides many Search Engine Marketing services for small business in Karachi, Pakistan. Search Engine Marketing is a paragliding term that refers to any technique used to increase the reach of a brand’s search or to get a brand to appear in search more often. Insights SEM (search engine marketing) is the act of using paid strategies to increase search visibility. In the past, Search Engine Marketing was a term used to describe both search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search. But now, it almost always refers only to paid search marketing.

For SEM / Online marketing, advertisers pay for advertisements that appear on the search engine results pages (SERPs). They target keywords to see an ad from the company when a consumer searches for certain phrases. The mark will only be paid if a consumer clicks on the ad.


Most search engines also have a search engine marketing ad channel. Google AdWords is the most well-known & effective tool to use because of its leading market share in the search space. Banner ads on social media ad platforms are pay-per-click platforms and also fall under the category of SEM / Online marketing.

IISOL provides dependable local Search Engine Marketing services for small business in Karachi, Pakistan. Our specialists and technicians are in charge of meeting the client’s SEM / Online marketing goals. We make sure the ranking lasts for a longer time. We use specialized tools and strategies through which you can push greater traffic. In essence, you pay to show your ads to people who actively search for the keywords that you are advertising.



Advertising with Google AdWords

A user will puncture a keyword into Google and immediately your business will pop up. Sounds like the dream, right? That’s what a strategic campaign against Adwords can do. By enlisting our help as a service provider for Google Adwords you can expect your ad to be up and running in no time. No-fuss, no pain, nothing more than performance.

Google Display Network

Not interested in putting your smack-bang business in front of the users? No trouble. Google Display Network gives you the opportunity to subtly generate attention. Here, your ad is featured on other popular blogs, videos, and applications that your target audience is already most likely surfing.

Google Re-marketing and Management

There are few things more discouraging as an online business than an indecisive customer quitting his or her virtual shopping cart. Google Remarketing sends a secret message back cleverly to people who have visited your site.


A banner ads, also known as Web banner, is a website brand advertisement strategy on a World Wide Web that uses a rectangular image spread over either a website’s top, bottom, or side. This method of SEM / Online marketing involves embedding advertisements on a web page. It’s meant to attract traffic to a website by linking to the advertiser’s website. Banner ads are image-based rather than text-based and it is all about promoting a brand to get a visitor.


Not only do these banners advertise a company, their services, and goods, but they also appear to connect directly to a website where internet users can access more information and probably even purchase.


Good banner advertisements make it very clear to viewers what the brand is promoting. There’s very little wiggle room for fun here, because the whole idea is to give the reader a solution to a problem, and hope to get more detail by clicking on your ad.

Another reason these ads are deemed adequate is that they are generally placed right in the eyesight of the reader, making it very prevalent. These SEM / Online marketing strategies can also be used with modern targeting practices to help you get your ads up against those who would find them the most useful.


Although banner ads have been shown to be effective in the past, as more and more marketing strategies are heading towards email and social media marketing, banner ads’ overall effectiveness has been steadily declining.

Even though many advertisers still consider banner ads as important, it is for this reason that they rapidly fall out of favor:

  • Bots:

Automated scripts search the internet, and for different reasons, click on advertiser banners, including attempting to receive money for sites that rely solely on advertising banner clicks.

  • Ad blockers:

Internet users dominate with advertisements and are going out of their way to download various adblockers to keep them out.



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