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We are more than 12 years of experience. Currently, we serve hundreds of medium-sized and even growing POS software for small businesses in Pakistan with one guiding principle that “our clients are the most significant member of our team” by methods of Point of Sale. IISOL provides the best POS online software and top POS systems.

Moreover, our retail system manages automated invoicing, discounting, incorporation of MYOB, XERO, and QuickBooks, promotional products. Moreover, it also manages distribution, POS online purchasing, VIP rewards system, protection, timely accounting, inventory control, and integrated eCommerce solutions.

Furthermore, our method of point of sale is indeed a management program. A system that you can use from server to back office to handle and maintain any aspect of your enterprise. It’s the point-of-sale platform that makes monitoring your stock output, your income, your staff, and your customers simpler for you.

Point of Sales Services
Point of Sales Services


The high-end SQL database ISale PRO will impress you with its quick processing speed, management software, and auto maintenance capability. Similarly, real-time notifications allow you to make adjustments in seconds and will be available in all of your stores. ISale PRO has a full database recovery mechanism that ensures total security against data loss due to any hardware or internet failure. We will link all of the stores, factories, storerooms, and homes to make your company run faster and smarter and offer you the stability you need to thrive and grow.

Some of the Multi-shop characteristics are:

  • Check reveals the stock in each store on hand
  • Crystal updates on one or two shops, only highlight
  • Pay accounts in every shop
  • Operate from home by linking to either shop
  • The point-of-sale system automatically manages app upgrades for all shops
  • VIP Cards operate in all stores
  • The point-of-sale system automatically carries out backups for all shops.
  • Move products in seconds from one store to another
  • Issue invoices with all shops from either shop
  • Separate rates for the same goods for each shop with various categories in consumers eg export pricing.
  • Human personnel control involving register, time stamping, and purchase possession
  • Finally, employees may connect between shops using the point-of-sale diary program
  • Order stock from every other store as well
  • However, a collection of unified invoicing with collective purchase force accompanied by comprehensive procurement and recall facilities
Point of Sales Services


Point of Sales Services

Today, POS software for small businesses solutions is a pioneer in Retail POS because it is an established Point of Sale Systems manufacturer with a wide variety of industry conditions as well as a customer point of sale solutions and point of sale devices. This is a big Pakistan-based tech company specialized in news media, pet shops, and pharmacy that has supported hundreds of Pakistan-wide companies.

So then, we give our customers a full set of products like applications, equipment, maintenance, and marketing and have continuously delivered on our initial POS Products dream. It has grown constantly to satisfy consumer demands and today we are engaged in every area of retail technology.



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